Do you know what I can't stand?

When I make a decision and the next day I've changed my mind and don't do it.

What Changed?

Everything seems to be going on as usual and then a doubt slips in. It questions me and I begin to self-assess. I begin to feel the weight of responsibilities, guilt, fears, and even resistance from others. I find myself feeling frustrated and my usual way to deal with frustration is self-abdication. And Boom! I back out of my decision.

I really hate that, because soon after I start feeling sad, disappointed and regretful.

So if I really want to get past this hangup in my life, I will have to figure out a plan and commit to it.

What's the Plan?

  1. Picture the outcome.
  2. Fall in love with the feeling of having the outcome.
  3. Feel it deep inside of me. Hold onto it.
  4. Check my gear.
  5. Brace myself with the knowledge of my experience (or trust my competence, if that is all I have).
  6. Let go and do it.